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Wisconsin-area pool player ratings measured directly from competitive performance.  Every Game Counts.

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We also have tools to help track your pool related personal achievements and event calendar.


MyPoolStats is moving towards merging its rating efforts into FargoRate by beginning a bi-directional sharing of WI data.  This will allow (1) WI players will be rated very well, better than they are rated now in either system, and (2) WI player ratings will be directly comparable to player ratings worldwide.

MyPoolStats will continue to operate in parallel with FargoRate for the time being, as MyPoolStats offers some key functionality unavailable in FargoRate at this time.  FargoRate is working closely with us on these things to ensure this service can continue uninterrupted in WI.  For example, FargoRate is now nearly integrated with, which is quickly gaining national attention and use.

This step will take some time to complete and may involve some shifts in ratings to align the two systems.

If you have personal concerns about this data sharing, please contact us.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know using the "Contact Us" link below or on our Facebook page.

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